How effective are security doors at protecting my home

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Home, safe and sound. But what about protecting your place when you’re not home?


Security doors are your first line in defence. They’re a physical barrier and just having one will put an intruder off. Burglars are opportunistic so they’re less likely to target a house with obvious security. They want to get in fast, grab what they can and get out before they get caught. Security doors are a clear deterrent, fortifying your home and telling a would-be thief you’re no easy target.


Security doors are built tough. They’re designed and tested to stop forced entry. They’re made with a full steel frame and stainless steel mesh and they’re made specifically to withstand force, even against repeated impact. The screen can’t be cut through with a knife and the door can’t be forced open easily either, even with a jemmy or levy.

Most burglars are in a hurry. Their tool kit might be basic but they’re expert at using a crowbar or screwdriver to break in, in no time. There’s no easy grab and go if you have security doors protecting your home. It’s just too hard to force a security door. Given enough time and the right equipment a thief might be able to force an entry, so ensuring that the security screen or door is of high quality and meets Australian standards is important to ensuring your property is secured. The noise and time considerations for breaking through a tough screen will more than likely deter any intruder.

Think security doors to protect all your valuable possessions, your sentimental trinkets and your precious treasures.

Sleep easy

Security doors help keep the world out when you’re in.

The world feels like an ever more frightening place with scary stories of aggravated burglaries and home invasions in our suburbs. Sleep safe, knowing your security door is effective protection against random attack.

Lock it from the inside when you go to bed or keep it locked whenever you’re at home for extra peace of mind. Just remember to leave the key in the lock in case you have to get out quickly such as in case of fire. 

Think security doors to keep you and your family safe.

As a bonus, in summer you can keep your security doors locked but leave all your wooden doors open to let the night air cool your house down. They keep mosquitos, flies and other insects out, but unlike fly screens, security doors also keep out other unwelcome intruders.

Extra security

Security doors also give your home extra protection against ember attack in a bushfire or flying debris in a cyclone.

Save money

Fitting security doors to your house could also reduce your insurance premiums because they reduce your risk of burglary.

They could even save your power bills. They provide extra shade, as well as that increased air circulation, to help make your house more energy efficient. 

The last word

A determined intruder will find a way to get in but proper security doors are an effective way to ensure your property is less likely to be targeted. Make sure you choose a security door that’s manufactured to Australian Standards and installed correctly, Keep M Out only manufacture doors that meet this standard. The stronger the door, the better and the safer your family and home.