Designs & Styles

Combining looks and practicality, improving the liveability of homes, Keep M Out Security Screens are icons in the Australian security market.


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Designed to suit all standard screen framing, the new aLSPeC aluminium Cast Panels offer a vast range of styles, patterns and colours.

Australian owned, ALSPEC is today operated via a network of some 400 staff across eight locations which span Australia wide.

Our range of fully tested products, together with our professional and personal service will ensure that your expectations of quality and reliability are met on every occasion.

Designed to suit a wide variety of door and window frames, the ALSPEC Cast Panel range offers a large selection of both traditional and contemporary designs in an extensive range of colour finishes that will match any specification.

Manufactured from recyclable Aluminium, the ALSPEC Cast Panels are a durable, non-rusting, secure means of finishing off the look to your safety door or window screen. ALSPEC Cast Panels are available in a full range of polyester powder-coated finishes and comes with a 2 year powder coat warranty.

Titan Steel Security

Steel & Aluminium combination security doors providing strength, balance & value. All doors are Powder coated over a Zinc Plated base using high quality Dulux powders.

Colonial Castings

A stylish security door?

Yes! all the peace of mind that you need with a security door whilst looking modern and stylish.

Hinged Doors with glass inserts

Quality finishes with Extra Detail

These glass panel doors feature elegant decorative designs imposed on glass panels.To clean simple wipe over with a clamp cloth, avoid all acid based cleaners.

New Concepts in Screen Doors

Range of colours available for decorative castings.

New range door grill combinatio 2mm punched aluminium with decorative castings. Samples of combination sizes: 2000 x 750 and 2000 x 900mm Large doors can be supplies, price on application.


Aluminium Mesh-

Passed Impact Test AS5041-2003
Passed Lock and Hinge Test 125041-2003
Passed Australian Sheer Test AS5041
Power coated Black


Clear Shield

Where the exterior appearance of a property is an important consideration, Clearshield’s smooth clean lines provide an attractive understated security solution.


Whilst remaining discreet, Clearshield provides unrivalled strength and durability. Stronger than 316 marine grade stainless steel, Clearshield meets the most rigorous of Australian Standards. Clearshield will not only protect your property against theft, but will also reduce the spread of fire and shield against flying embers.

The strength of the steel sheet prevents the screen from damage either by sharp objects or pets. It reduces the risk of arson attack, internal property damage and, also guards against the breakage of windows.

Due to Clearshield’s unique corrosion resistant finish, the screens resist deterioration. With Clearshield your property remains safe and secure for much longer.

Clearshield - for absolute peace of mind.


Clearshield Doors are installed with no mid rail or unsightly bars. This means clear vision and uninterrupted views. Choose from either hinged or sliding door styles.

The door frames are available in any of the Dulux powder coat colours. Alternatively, you can choose from the DecoWood range of frames which provide a natural timber look. Both are suitable for domestic and commercial applications.

Clearshield is an aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional screens and doors. It has no unsightly grilles or heavy patterns to detract from the appearance of your home or commercial premises. Clearshield’s innovative screen is impact resistant, incision resistant and easy care.


Improve the energy efficiency of your home or business by installing Clearshield screens on your windows. You will reduce power consumption by providing protection against solar heat and glare, and also reduce long term fading of furniture and fittings.

Feel secure leaving windows open at night in summer. Unwanted intruders including mosquitoes remain outside.

Clearshield window screens have been tested and meet all appropriate Australian Standards. Testing involved simulated forced entry via crowbar, bricks and physical force. Strict manufacturing guidelines ensure that Clearshield screens retain their strength and appearance for many years.


Specialty Applications

Pet Doors

The ideal solution for your pet to move easily between outside and inside, Clearshield’s pet door is custom made to suit your requirements. Built into the door frame, it maintains optimum strength yet continues to provide insect protection, is easy to clean and scratch resistant.

Glass Free Pool EnclosureSurround your pool with Clearshield security screens for maximum ventilation, insulation and natural light. Coupled with this is excellent vision out and peace of mind knowing that your pool area is secure.

Angled Screens

Clearshield screens can be custom made to suit angle top / bottom windows.

Mosquito and Insects

Clearshield’s unique stainless steel perforated sheet, with holes less than 1.8mm round have been extensively tested both here in Australia and overseas. Testing proved the Clearshield screen to be an effective barrier against insects. Furthermore, Japanese Government Terrarium testing found that Clearshield prevented Asian Tiger Mosquitos from entering the protected spaces.

Features & Benefits

Superior Powder Coating Adhesion

  • Clearshield ensures the powder coating process completely covers the stainless steel sheet.
  • The use of a single, stamped through sheet of stainless steel in Clearshield overcomes problems experienced with woven mesh products.
  • Clearshield stainless steel sheets are also pre-treated with a unique corrosion resistant process prior to powder coating.

Cleaning Advantages

  • Cleaning Clearshield screens is considerably easier than any other product. The inherent flat sheet surface, prevents the settling or build up of debris. The design of conventional intricate weave mesh products provides accumulation points, which require intense, rigorous cleaning.

Galvanic Corrosion Prevention

  • Clearshield screens resist galvanic corrosion by totally encapsulating the stainless steel sheet with a PVC membrane prior to assembly into the extruded aluminium frame.
  • Galvanic corrosion is common with woven mesh type products that don’t use PVC insulating membranes.
  • Sponge tape type insulating membranes have proven to accelerate galvanic corrosion because they tend to retain moisture and therefore deteriorate rapidly.

Energy Efficiency Rating

With the focus on developing energy efficient homes / buildings, architects, builders and consumers are realising the importance of using energy efficient and environmentally friendly building materials. Clearshield has been tested by the Window Energy Rating Scheme (W.E.R.S.) and achieved a 3.5 star rating as an energy efficient product.

Frame Detail

  • Clearshield’s extruded aluminium frames come in a range of Dulux powder coated finishes and the option of DecoWood. DecoWood is a decorative timber look ideally suited where natural timber finishes are part of a buildings design.