Are security screens worth it?

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Just how secure are security screens? We’re often asked this question by customers and providing a quick answer is almost impossible to give.


You see, security screen doors can be extremely useful in keeping you, your family and your home safe from intruders if they’re custom manufactured and fit the right way.


What most people don't realise is that if you buy a standard, run of the mill security door off the rack, so to speak, it might not offer you much security at all. Your cheaper security screen doors are often little more than expensive flyscreens – the bugs will stay out but, with a few essential tools, a dedicated thief will get inside in no time flat.


Unfortunately, there’s no Australian Standard for security doors or their installation (just for whether they’re protected against corrosion or not). So how do you be sure of what level of protection you’re actually getting? There are a lot of different designs on the market with a comprehensive combination of features, some more effective than others.


For complete peace of mind, a steel security screen door correctly constructed and installed is your most secure option. You’ll want to check that the grille can’t be easily pushed out of the frame and that the corners are fully welded at the joints, so you get the maximum reinforcement.


You also want to make sure that any rivets are also made of steel and spaced around twenty-five centimetres apart. Even better, choose a model where the grille is welded to the frame.


Don’t choose wafer locks if security is utmost in your mind. They’re more vulnerable than five-pin cylinder locks to being jimmied out by a determined intruder. There should also be at least three hinges with large fixed pins, preferably made from steel.


Steel infills come in a range of decorative motifs to match the style of your home, or you can opt for stainless steel mesh or new structural grade aluminium perforated sheets. The stainless steel mesh is an excellent option if you also want to see through to the garden beyond and capture the cool breeze on a warm day – it's less obstructive of your view than steel bars or grilles.


Just arrived on the market, perforated aluminium sheets are similar in look to stainless steel mesh but less expensive. The good news is they're as secure as stainless steel mesh, too.


Every door in every home is different – when your family's security is at stake, it's not as simple as buying a security door from your local hardware store and fitting it yourself. Companies that offer custom designed doors made to meet your exact requirements are always more secure – even a few millimetres out and your door can be useless for protection.


Finally, before making a decision, you also need to thoroughly research the security door company's reputation to find the best fit for your needs. Check testimonials and whether there have been any complaints about the service online.


So, our answer to the question, "Are security doors effective?" is "Yes! As long as the security screen doors are custom made and fitted by a trusted, quality provider like Keep’M’Out.”