Fly screen doors – keeping more than flies out this summer

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While we’re often to flick the air-con onto full blast on a hot, summer night. There are many benefits to keeping the windows and doors open instead. Letting the cool breeze naturally drift through your home and drive down your electricity costs is a bonus to choosing this natural option. But usually, that means sharing your space with insects, bugs and mosquitos if your property is without efficient fly screen doors or windows.

Beyond that, choosing now to equip your home with these nifty additions means you’re left vulnerable to external security threats. Did you know one in 76 homes in Victoria was burgled in 2018? Unfortunately leaving our windows and doors open can sometimes invite opportunistic crime as well, a threat no one can risk.

But there are ways you can keep your cool and your possessions, with high-grade security doors and screens from Keep M Out. We have been operating in the greater Melbourne area for over 25 years, are locally owned and operated and use our experience and knowledge of the best security screens on the market to deliver you peace of mind.


What exactly are the benefits of security doors?

Our screens a built robust and designed to keep people out, both for residential and commercial premises. Unlike old-school fly mesh, modernised screens use durable stainless steel to keep the bugs (and the criminals) out while allowing breezes to flow through your home.

High-grade screens like this also assist in keeping your pets inside and can withstand damage from their claws scratching at the mesh.


A solution to suit any entry point

Luckily, on the market today, there are plenty of customised screen solutions which can cover any entry points – from doors, through to windows and vents.

To make sure the best option is fitted to your property, an expert (like those at Keep M Out) will measure up your space on the spot and deliver a custom solution that will optimise your security and the ability to keep the space cool at the same time.

If you’re the type that likes to jazz up your home, there are plenty of options allowing you to choose powder coat colours and decorative grills to complete the overall look.


The added benefits of security screens

Natural ventilation, security, bug control and protection of your pets are just some of the benefits of stainless-steel mesh security screens. Beyond that, they can also offer privacy, much in the same way a two-way mirror works. The angle and colouring of the mesh mean it is easy for you to look out, but harder for outsiders to view inside your property.

As well as the natural breeze, security screens are an excellent way to let natural light fill your home, simply by leaving windows and doors open.

These handy screens can also add value to your property, putting the final cherry on top of the many benefits at hand.

Keep M Out offers on-site, same-day service to all suburbs of Melbourne and independent measurements and quotes. Contact us today on 0409 972 037 to find out how flyscreens or security doors could benefit your property.